Bom Jesus

Fazenda Bom Jesus is the work of the couple Gabriel and Flavia Lancha Oliveira. With a long
heritage in coffee culture both are grandchildren of coffee producers. They themselves passed
their love and care on to their sons, Lucas and Gabriel junior who are also dedicated full-time to
the farm. In 1984 they formed The Labareda Group, diversifying into various rural activities
although coffee is still the most foremost in family hearts and indeed remains their main crop.

Fazenda Bom Jesus is located in Cristais Paulistas in the Alta Mogiana Region.
Gabriel and Flavia are more than just a farming couple. Their objective is to sustainably develop
their region from a social and economic point of view. Fazenda Bom Jesus was a founder of the
Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association – AMSC. It promotes a greater conscience with
regard to speciality coffee in the region as well as developing better farm practices. Performance
bonus payments are also made alongside employees fixed wages. Flavia verifies that all
employees on the farm must be literate and receive specialized training to do their job. As for
the workforce, all their children must be enrolled at the local school.


1270 meaters above sea level


Cristais Paulistas, Alta Mogiana. Sao Paulo


Rainforest Alliance certified, UTZ certified and Alta Mogiana Specialty. Coffee Association (AMSC)

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