Agua Santa

Paulo Ribeiro Maciel creator of Agua Santa farm always had a very strong connection to coffee.Second
generation of coffee producers, his maternal grandfather produced grains. And his paternal grandfather was
an agricultural engineer graduated in the 2nd class of the ́ ́Luiz de Queiroz ́ ́College of Agriculture –
ESALQ/USP in the early 20th century.

In 1994, Fazenda Agua Santa became traditional high-quality coffee producer, with a constant high yield. Its
coffee plantations have been constantly renewed until today. Certified with Rainforest Alliance and part of
with the Alta Mogiana Speciality Coffee Producer Association. It has received various prizes proving the
quality of its coffees, such as the Coffee Quality Contest of the Alta Mogiana Region, Senhor Café Selection,
Nespresso and several times Illy café coffee contests.

The farm hosted  Ernesto Illy and Illy’s
Brazilian buyers.


1010 meters above sea level


Franca, Alta Mogiana. Sao Paulo


Rainforest Alliance certified, UTZ certified and Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (AMSC)

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