Brazilian Santos Coffee: Why Does It Matter?


Did you know 40% of the worlds coffee supply is produced by Brazil? Over 80% of this coffee goes through the Santos port!

Since the 19th Century, Brazil Santos has been a blend of coffees from the region of Minas Gerais (60%) that adds acidity and consistency to the blend. This coffee is a mix of over 1000s of  different farms. Alto mogiana region  (25%)  brings body and sweetness to the blend but is also a blend of 100s of farms in that region. And about 10-15% of coffee comes from other regions in Brazil such as Norte Pioneiro Do parana and Espirito Santo. 

How does Brazilian Santos Give Brazilian Coffee a bad name?

Brazil Santos blend can have different types of quality and characteristics but always offers a poor example of Brazilian coffee as it doesn’t offer the whole trade stability the farmers deserve. But for centuries has been the base of many blends and is traded in the C market as the 2nd most traded commodity in the world. 

To deliver consistency in the same way Brazil Santos has been doing for centuries, direct trade offers better and more clear characteristics of flavours because the coffee comes from one single farm. Take for example our  Agua Santa green beans, they are grown and farmed by my Aunt and Uncle, there is not blend, just great coffee from on region in Sao Paulo.

Next time you go shopping, would you rather buy your things in one shop that has great prices and consistent quality, or will you visit 1000s of shops getting a blend of what you need at lower quality? If you would like direct trade coffee for you cafe or maybe you are a small one man outfit, please enquire about our wholesale coffee beans here.


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