Cal’s Coffee Origin And The British Connection

Cousin of Farmholder Fernanda, Helena Maciel married Keith Brough, from Penrith in the north of England, in 1990. They later had a son Calum Maciel Brough who came to study in his father’s homeland in 2013.

He instantly fell in love with England. However, something was missing. The excellence of a single origin coffee from Brazil. To overcome that absence, in September 2015, Calum along with friend and business partner Adrian Todd, from Orton, opened a company to represent the best of Brazil. The coffee of Terra Preta Farm.

The best of Brazilian green beans.

The concept of Cal’s Coffee was to bring lovers of speciality coffee a unique opportunity to make a connection between producer, roaster and customer.

The exclusive 30kg green bean packaging used by the Bom Jesus, Sao Lucas, Agua Santa and Terra Preta Farm is different to the traditional jute bags insofar as they don’t leave residues on the coffee and as such are more hygienic as well as facilitating handling. This way British roasteries are able to experiment the very best of Brazilian coffee.

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